Change A Life—Michelle Obama


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I was excited to get my copy of BH&G in the mail today and even more excited when I saw Michelle Obama on the cover.  Politics aside, I admire her and I love that she has chosen to focus her time as the First Lady on helping American families to be healthy; I love that she had a patch of the White House lawn dug up for a vegetable garden; I love that she occasionally eats a burger and fries; I still love her biceps and I love this article that shows Mrs. Obama enjoying fresh food, like these, with local schoolkids. 

Fish Tacos with Melon Salsa


I Made it Myself Pizza


Carrot Lemonade


Chopped Green Salad


Easy Fruit Pocket Pies


What I really love about Michelle Obama is that she has found something she is passionate about and is seeking to make a change in her life, in her family’s life, in her community’s life, in her country’s life.  I like that.  In fact, I like it so much that I’m going to start featuring people or communities or companies or anyone that is seeking to make a positive change in their life or the lives of others.  If you know of great changes going on somewhere, I would love to share them on this blog that is all about change.  You can leave a comment at the bottom of this post, send me an email at, or leave me a note on Facebook.

We can all help to change a life…even if it is just our own!


*You can find more information about Mrs. Obama’s healthy families plan at Let's Move.

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