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Oh my…summer is half over and I still haven’t finished making my list of things to do this summer!  Our family sat down weeks ago and listed some things that we wanted to do, but I wanted to wait and post it once I had it all cute and everything.  I don’t think the cute part is ever going to happen.  I am also amending the list to include the things that we have already done because we have done some new and awesome things already this summer.  I’m going to be sure and have it all up by next week. 

Meanwhile, here are some lists that I previously posted about.  Are any of these items on your summer list?  Can you check any of them off yet?

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If this was my list I could check off:  bowling, make popsicles, swim, cookout, hike, picnic, fireworks, parade, library, frisbee, movie night, breakfast for dinner, bbq w/ friends, card games.


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If this was my list I could check off:  lemonade stand, library, go camping, baseball game, hike, plant flowers, make waffles, fireworks.

I think I need to finish my list, cute or not, so I don’t miss out on any summer fun!  Speaking of fun, check out Mighty Girl's 30 Days of Fun Project…fantastic idea.

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