The Weekend Changes


Zooey Deschanel & Him

Welcome to the weekend!  I am looking forward to a family reunion, a wedding reception, and the completion of several projects…I WILL get them done.  One change I am not looking forward to this weekend is no air conditioning and deciding if we repair or replace.  Our house is about 11 years-old now, and our appliances have started to break down over the last few years.  This is the third summer in a row that we have had air conditioning problems so it is probably time to bite the bullet and get a new one.  Oh, the joys of home ownership!  I wish I could just call the landlord, but that would be me, so onward and upward.

Despite the sad air conditioning change, there are plenty of lovely changes to enjoy.  Here are a few I wanted to share…

10 Changes to Enjoy this Weekend:

1.   Favorite change:  Daughter 3, Lainey, loves She & Him.  I think I might, too.
2.   Food change:  fruit on a stick…the perfect food for when your air conditioner breaks.
3.   Perspective change:  how to talk to little girls.  As a mom of four girls, I so appreciate this idea.
4.   Thing change:  doors to daybed.
5.   Fun change:  Gardner Village beach party!  Who’s in?
6.   Web change:  Babble's New Home Ec feature.
7.   Attitude change:  my new mantra + my new favorite design colors.
8.   Design change:  cottage makeover slideshow.
9.   Location change:  lovely underwater photos.
10.  Inspiration from two of my favorite writers…Courtney Kendrick and Emma Lou Thayne.

Here are some of Courtney’s thoughts on Emma Lou: 

“She had this extraordinary presence about her, a human who had worked through thoughts and ideas, had sloughed off the unnecessary and embraced the necessary. When I think about her, her skin, her smile, her energy I think about gold. A golden human who shines with durability and grace. I wanted to tell her all about my thoughts and ask her all my questions, I think mainly because she is not only a person who I admire, but a woman and a Mormon. If some of my Mormon friends who suffer with the dogma could sit and chat with Emma Lou, I think they'd find strength in their resolve….My prototype for my  Heavenly Mother is Emma Lou Thayne, something tells me I am not far off.”

Enjoy your weekend.  If you have air conditioning and you want to invite me and my family over, we probably wouldn’t say no.  We might even bring treats!

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