Design Changes—Lovely Laundries

Image at House and Home via Babble

In many homes (including mine), the laundry room is often the last space to receive any decorating attention.  Not true, however, for the lucky laundry rooms in this Babble slideshow.  The design budgets for these laundries vary widely, but each contain the essential laundry room washer and dryer. Beyond that, though, there are clever containers, beautiful artwork, and lots of organization.  I would love a sink in my laundry room, and most of these laundries are lucky enough to have one.

What do you consider to be essential in your laundry room…besides the washer and dryer?  I have to have rods to hang dry clothes from, cabinets for storage, and a set of shelves and baskets for dirty laundry and another set for clean laundry.  I also love a laundry room with a window, especially a window over the folding area so I can look outside while I’m happily folding away.  I actually enjoy doing laundry…it is one of my favorite household tasks.

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  1. Hi Lori, finally got around to checking out your blog. Nice place! As for laundry, it's not my favorite, but I do get a feeling of satisfaction when I get it done. When I painted the house years ago, I painted my laundry room sky blue, and it still gives me a jolt of pleasure when I walk in to do such a mundane task. :-)