Life Changes--Teaching


This post is coming to you from a Bio-Tech classroom in Utah.  My BA in English is really coming in handy as the class works on things like DNA Structure, Nucleic Acids, Molecular Biology, and Protein Folding.  I don't think we covered any of those subjects in Early American Literature, Advanced Creative Writing, or Linguistics...maybe I just forgot?  I do love being in an academic environment, though.  Especially with kids who are serious about education and focus on doing their assignments so that I can focus on blogging while I am substitute teaching.

In light of my current setting and my recent Netflix obsession, Friday Night Lights, here are a few thoughts I have on teachers...especially good teachers!

-If you really want to change lives, teach, but do it well.
-If you have teachers in your life or your children's lives, take time to express your gratitude...especially if they teach well. 
-All adults are teachers in one way or aware of what you are teaching and teach it well.
-Teaching is hard work...
-Teaching is fun...
-Teaching is challenging...
-Teaching is rewarding...
-Teaching changes lives, but only if it is done well.

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