Thrifty Changes—Upcycled Sparkly Boots

Image at This is Glamorous

I am amazed every single day at the creativity that abounds on the internet, especially the thrifty approach of upcycling.  A few days ago, I spotted these boots on Pinterest and found the entire DIY here.  I might wear something like this for a special event, but I think my four daughters would love them for school, church, feeding turkeys…life.  They would also work well in the Halloween costume department.  I think I might have to find a pair at the thrift store, spray paint them turquoise, and add some turquoise glitter for Lainey’s peacock costume. 

I wonder if there is some kind of topcoat you could cover the glitter with so that there are no trails of glitter through the house.  Anyone know of anything that might work?

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