Thrifty Changes—Thrift Store + DIY

Image at Re-Nest

Loved this article at Apartment Therapy’s Re-Nest .  It lists 10 common thrift store finds, and then suggest ways to use them in DIY Projects.  Here are their top 10:

1.  Dishes
2.  Artwork
3.  Shelves and Secretaries (the furniture kind)
4.  Sweaters and Blankets
5.  Trunks, Suitcases and File Cabinets
6.  Dining Chairs
7.  Dining Tables
8.  Lamps
9.  Rocking Chairs

I love a great thrift store find and incorporating it into a DIY project is my kind of heaven!  In fact, I almost always repurpose or re-do thrift store items and make it my own.  I definitely gravitate to specific areas of the thrift store, so here are my top 10 common thrift store finds: 

1.  Lamps
2.  Artwork
3.  Mirrors
4.  Dishes
5.  Shoes
6.  Baskets
7.  Books
8.  Belts
9.  Frames
10.Wood Furniture

My latest purchases have been artwork for the “all girl” gallery I am creating on my landing and items for Halle’s bedroom redo.  I am also on the hunt for all-wool sweaters for felted wool Christmas stockings, but so far no luck.  How about you…anything you would change on these lists?

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