The Weekend Changes—Veteran’s Day


Happy weekend and happy Veteran’s Day to all of us in the USA.  I am especially grateful today for my brother who has chosen to make serving in the military his career, and his wife who has just retired after 20 years in the Navy.  They are my heroes.

I am embarrassed to admit that I have not always had a lot of respect for those who worked in the military.  Not sure why…there is no reasonable explanation.  But that changed when my brother became a Marine.  One of the most memorable life moments I’ve had is standing in the dark on a military base in San Diego and listening to a group of new Marines march up the road in military cadence.  They were so young and so brave and I cried with gratitude for the sacrifice and service I now recognized and appreciated.  It was only a year later that many of those Marines were giving their lives in the aftermath of 9-11. 

I am now a lover of all things military so in honor of this change in perspective, these weekend changes recognize the soldiers who defend my freedom every day…

1.   11 Ways to Help Veterans on 11-11-11.
2.   Kirtsy’s 9-11 Tribute Slideshow.
3.   How to make a Military Care Package.
4.   Donate to the Wounded Warrior Project.
5.   Military Art at Etsy.
6.   Six Vets, Six Wars.
7.   A patriotic cupcake.
8.   Inspiration…Why We Serve by Gen. Colin Powell.

Enjoy your weekend…enjoy your Veteran’s Day…enjoy your freedom.

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