2012 Changes—Organizing Strategy

January’s Change…Organize

I found a great blog post on organizing and I thought I would share. Diane from In My Own Style shared her strategy for organizing her pantry a few months ago on The CSI Project.  Although her article is specifically about organizing a pantry, the steps she used can be applied to any organizing project.

1.  Plan
2.  Organize
3.  Customize
4.  Label
5.  Pretty




I love that she took the time to pay attention to details like the height of food items and pretty ribbon tacked to the front of her shelves.  I have found that taking these extra steps determines how successful my organizing projects will be.  And I think ribbon on the front of my shelves would make me smile every time I opened the door.

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  1. Hi again Lori - thought I would stop by to say hi on your blog. Thanks again for linking. After reading about you on your sidebar- you must be one busy mom with 4 daughter's. I have two and it is a lot at times.

    I love your hair - looks easy to do, but chic.

    My best- Diane