Life Changes—Thoughts on Being a Mother-in-Law


This is a photo of my very handsome son-in-law, Geoff, with my lovely daughter, Courtnee.  Today is Geoff’s birthday and the anniversary of when Courtnee and Geoff first met.  Although I didn’t know it then, their meeting led to my biggest life change since becoming a mother. 

Geoff joining our family has been exciting, amazing, and wonderful!  I love having another male around to help balance out all of us girls.  Geoff has been telling me since he started coming around that he is the “favorite” is his family, so he needs to be the favorite in ours.  He is even listed on my contact list as “Geoff, the Favorite, White.”  For now, he definitely is because he is the only sil.  I think, though,  that he will always have a special place in my heart because as the first, he is plowing the way into new territory in our family.

Geoff joining our family has also been a bit intimidating and scary, as all new things are.  An in-law gets a very up-close and personal view of your life, and as Geoff views ours as an outsider, I’m always worried about what he is thinking.  I’ve always been fairly secure in my mothering, but I’m on shaky ground right now.  Not that one bit of this comes from Geoff…he is very understanding, forgiving, and non-critical.  But I wonder what our crazy lives look like to him!  He has seen us at our worst and he still seems to enjoy spending time with us so I’ll take that as a sign of acceptance.

A very Happy Birthday to my son-in-law Geoffrey!  Here are 24 of my favorite things about my “favorite” son-in-law.

1.   He makes me laugh…hard!
2.   He makes my daughter soooo happy.
3.   He is very tall, 6’4,” and very strong.
4.   He has great random skills…horse shoeing, jewelry making, woodworking.
5.   He taught me how to make crepes.
6.   He served an LDS mission to Arkansas…Joe spent every summer there on his Grandpa’s farm.
7.   He is super smart!
8.   He values education and is working hard at college.
9.   He comes from an amazing family that are some of my new favorite people.
10.  He isn’t afraid to let me know how he feels…and he still likes me when I make Courtnee mad.
11.  He is always willing to do whatever I ask him to do.
12.  He likes to go on vacation with us.
13.  He is a cowboy.
14.  He has blonde hair and blue eyes…unique traits in our all brown-haired, brown-eyed family.
15.  He has faith and lives what he believes.
16.  His family has an awesome cabin that they let us visit.
17.  He works hard.
18.  He gets up early.
19.  He likes to play games.
20.  My other daughters’ adore him…he is helping Riley navigate her teen years!
21.  He is a super great husband.
22.  He has endless new stories to share.
23.  Life is always happier when Geoff is around.
24.  He makes me work to be a better person…after all, he is always watching.

*Funny story…Geoff let me ride his horse, Calamity Jane, 5 days before their wedding.  She took off at full speed with me and then dropped me in a large clump of shrubs, face-first.  I had a broken nose, cuts and bruises for the wedding.  He apologized profusely, and said “she sometimes does that.”  What does it mean when your almost son-in-law puts you on his horse that he knows might do something crazy?  Should I take it personally?

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