Life Changes—True Love


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It seems that our lives are constantly changing in ways that we fail to anticipate and plan for.  When I hear of how people handle their changes and challenges I start to wonder how I would deal with something similar.  I like to think that I would be kind and heroic and long suffering, but the truth is there would probably be a bit of whining, complaining, and questioning going on behind the scenes.  I think that many of us live our lives like that…stoic on the outside, but a mess of weakness and emotions on the inside. 

However, sometimes we read of those people who are able to transcend the difficult side of change, and transform their lives into something unbelievably beautiful and good.  This is definitely the case with Page and Robert Melton and Allen Ivie.  You must read their story.  It is about love that keeps changing…and grows into something that seems impossible, but is so right. The article is a bit long, but so worth the time.  It will inspire you.

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