Thrifty Changes—Top 5


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Sometimes shopping at thrift stores can be a bit overwhelming.  It takes time, creativity, and stamina to hunt through a thrift store for treasures you can’t live without.  It is possible, however, to get in and get out quickly, if you generally know what you’re looking for.  Mandy at Vintage Revivals listed her Top 5 Thrift Store Must Haves as…

1.  Ornate Frames
2.  Random Statues and Such
3.  Lamps and Lighting
4.  Chairs
5.  Anything that Speaks to You

My Top 5 depend on the project I am working on at the moment. A lot of thrifters swear by buying whatever it is right then because chances are it will be gone when you go back.  I agree, it will probably be gone.  But I’ve also learned that when I stockpile too many thrifty finds, they start to make me a bit crazy…too many future projects and too much stuff.  So now when I’m thrifting, I keep in mind my current project and the next project on my list.  Right now I’m finishing up Halle’s bedroom redo and looking ahead to a lot of kitchen/dining redesign.  So here are my current Top 5…

1.  Art
2.  Lighting
3.  Quirky Objects
4.  White dishes of any kind
5.  Artsy plates

With this list in mind, I can hit the thrift store and be in and out in under 30 minutes.  Even less, if I don’t wander through the shoe aisles.

Check out this article for more thrift shop tips.

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