2012 Changes—February = Be Happy

12 in 2012
February--Get Healthy
*Update--I've changed this month's change to "Be Happy."  You can read why, here. I'm not saying goodbye to "Get Healthy," though...just postponing it until next month.

A new month and a new change.  For me, February is all about getting healthy.  I’m going to work on healthy changes for my mind, body, and spirit and jump start some new and better health habits.
I’ve already posted a lot about healthy changes, because that is one thing I’m always trying to change.  I go back and forth on eating habits and up and down on the scale.  But, I would like to make some permanent changes this year, so I’m going to get a good start this month.
Some of the specific changes I would like to make:
*Less media, more sleep.
*Less sugar, more fruits and veggies.
*Less soda, more water (the battle continues).
*Less processed food, more of the good stuff.
*Less eating out, more cooking.
*Less sitting, more exercising.
*Less guilt, more happiness.
I already have a lot of great things on my Healthy Pinboard, and I’ll happily keep pinning more information throughout the month, so be sure to check it often.

I’m excited about making some healthy changes, I hope you are, too!

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