2012 Changes—Healthy Mind Platter, Part 2

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February--Be Happy

Yesterday, when I wrote about the Healthy Mind Platter, my sister left this comment (thank goodness for sisters who read my blog):

Feb 9, 2012 09:55 AM

I do not have enough time for half of those, but we already knew I didn't have a healthy mind, right?

Thanks for the comment, LeAnne, and I’ve thought about it a lot since.  Not about her lack of a “healthy mind,” because I happen to think that she is brilliant, but more about her lack of time.  She is a very busy lady right now…full-time work, part-time school, husband, 3 kids, church service.  So how does LeAnne, or any of get mentally healthy when we run in circles all day long just trying to hold our lives together?

I know that time is a huge factor for all of us in any aspect of getting healthy, but I do think it is possible to find a bit of time every day to devote to being happy.  As with all healthy changes, it has to become a part of how we live our lives every day.  Easier said than done for me…and maybe you, too.  So, with time as a key factor, here are a few ideas for incorporating the 7 daily mental activities into your schedule…

Focus Time:  jobs and daily tasks; part of your time in this area should be devoted to challenging yourself. 

Play Time:  play with your kids, sing in the car or shower, add a new spice to your meal, take a new route home from work, light some candles, read something funny; just do something different than normal.

Connecting Time:  sit down and really listen to someone, make a phone call, pillow talk before bed, take a walk, open your windows, dig in the dirt, pick a flower.

Physical Time:  housework, shopping, gardening, exercise…something you enjoy.

Time In:  pray, meditate, ponder, yoga, shower, bath, breathe.

Down Time:  take a real lunch break, read, tv, Solitaire, lay in the sun, swing, stare out the window.

Sleep Time:  create a nighttime routine and a bed time, take a nap, get up at the same time.

What else?  Any suggestions you have or anything you do that keeps you mentally healthy and happy?  Any areas you are working on?

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