The Weekend Changes

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Happy, happy weekend!  Over here, this weekend is all about my 17 year-old daughter, Riley.  Tonight is her senior cheerleading night, her last night as a high school cheerleader.  I expect there will be a lot of tears.  Tomorrow is the high school Girl’s Day dance with a crepe bar at our house in the morning and a photography session in the afternoon…Joe as photographer and me as his assistant.  I’m hoping to manage some Valentine’s Day crafts, some wall painting, and a night out with Joe as well.  I had better get going!

While I’m busy with teenagers and tears, here are some changes for you to enjoy…

*Lots and lots of links to fun Valentine Projects.
*Design Sponge is on Pinterest.
*And a D*S change…Vintage Suitcase Charging Station.
*Beautiful Printable Action Plan Sheets…good for your mental health.
*Has anyone been to Forage in SLC?  Pricey, but maybe fun for Valentine’s.
*This salad/salsa looks yummy and healthy.
*Inspiration…The High School Sweetheart is both sweet and sad.

And here are a few changes you might have missed…

*Getting to Know YOU
*Ferris Beuller
*Healthy Mind Platter and Part 2.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy life’s little changes.

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