2012 Changes—Look Healthy, Feel Healthy

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February--Be Happy

I received this email from Jackie several days ago, and I knew her guest post would be a great way to start this month of happiness.  Her words are so important and relevant to all women no matter what their life situation is like.  I think everyone feels happier when they take the time to care for themselves…I know I do!


Jackie Clark
Jan 26 (10 days ago)
Hi Lori,

My name is Jackie and I do outreach for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, a leading web resource for mesothelioma cancer. I was interested in seeing if you allow guest posts on your site?

I have always had a passion for fashion-from shoes to makeup, nail polish to handbags, and everything in between! Coupled with that is belief that all women need to feel beautiful, no matter what circumstances they may be facing. Women are powerful beings and WE need to realize it! Sadly, many women are hearing those devastating words 'you have cancer.' Despite a cancer diagnosis, women can still feel beautiful in their own skin. Fashion is a wonderful way to feel strong and confident. I would like to share with your audience the reality of cancer and how women can say 'YES I have cancer', but I am no less beautiful than I was before my diagnosis.

Hope you find this topic as compelling as I do. Please let me know if this opportunity interests you and I would be happy to share with you and your audience a powerful article on women and beauty.

My answer…a definite YES!  I hope you enjoy her article as much as I did.
Looking and Feeling Healthy
By: Jackie Clark
High self esteem and a positive mental attitude can be as important as medicine. Cancer treatments take a lot of energy out of women and make them feel tired and unattractive. This is understandable, as these treatments are often painful with side effects that can keep a patient in bed for the remainder of the day. Cancer can have a negative impact on a woman's physical appearance, making it difficult for her to feel good about herself in public situations. This is a fixable problem. With the right work out routine, nutritional diet, clothing and makeup, a patient can look great for any occasion.
It's important to have a healthy diet and exercise routine. Eating nutritional foods can boost the immune system, provide a surplus of energy, and prevent a person from overeating on junk food. After all, most people overeat because they are not receiving their proper daily nutrients. Daily physical exercise tones the body, increases energy levels, and helps put a person in an excellent mood. It's crucial for a cancer patient to eat plenty of good food and stick to an exercise plan. This will get them feeling better and looking better, and provide a confidence boost to women suffering from a cancer like mesothelioma.

A woman feels best when she's dressed in her favorite clothes. Looking good in public doesn't mean purchasing the most expensive items of clothing. The simple act of dressing up to go out can be enough to make a woman feel more attractive and in control of her life. Most women are familiar with their best makeup and outfits, and spending this extra amount of time reminds them that they are worth the effort and that life is still worth getting dressed up for. Shopping for moderately priced clothing can be a fun treat for women who are feeling depressed, and it's especially fun to go with friends.

If someone is beautiful on the inside, their positive personality can change their physical appearance for the better. People who are at peace with themselves and others seem to hold themselves differently than those who are in despair. Dealing fairly and honestly with other people is a good way to stay beautiful on the inside. If a person feels beautiful on the inside, the feeling will naturally translate to the outside, and other people will be more inclined to be sociable with someone they like and trust. Painful things can happen in life, like asbestos exposure that leads to long term health problems, but it's good to try to keep a positive attitude.
Dressing up and applying makeup can make a woman feel better about herself, and doctors agree that a positive attitude can lead to a healthy prognosis.

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