2012 Changes—Feeling the Love

March—Get Healthy

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Yesterday, I asked two questions.  So far no responses, but I’m still hoping!  Read some of the comments on this post to see how diverse opinions are on this topic.  Then, please share your own thoughts.

I’m definitely not an expert in the health area, but it is something that I think about a lot.  I’m usually trying to make improvements in my own health, and I’m always interested in new ideas from others.  I’m also open to trying new things.  Remember when I became a temporary vegetarian? I am currently in a downward spiral when it comes to eating healthy.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten this unhealthy in my life…eating whatever I want whenever I want.  But, I know that compared to some people, I am still eating a reasonably healthy diet…whole grains, occasional green smoothies, home cooked meals.  We all come at this from different places.  I know that for me, I’m not in a good place nutrition-wise, so it is time to make some changes.

I’ll be waiting to hear your thoughts.  Meanwhile, here are some answers from me:

1.  What does healthy eating mean to you?

*Lots of vegetables and fruits.
*Whole grain.
*Minimal fat and sugar.
*Minimal processed foods.
*Few ingredients.
*As natural as possible.
*Home cooked.
*Minimal meat.
*Locally grown, if possible.
*Lots of water.

Defining healthy eating is easy for me and probably easy for you, too.  So if I know in my head and my heart what to do, why aren’t I doing it?  That brings me to question #2.

2.  Do you listen to your body?

My answer to this is not very often.  In fact, I’m quite terrible at recognizing any message from my body.  Instead of feeding my body when it is hungry, I feed my body for some of the same reasons Courtney wrote about…when I’m anxious, depressed, stressed, sick, happy, tired, thirsty, celebratory, bored, lonely, sad.  And when I’m feeding my emotions and not my body, I don’t care what I’m feeding it with.  I just want to feel better!  Ironically, I don’t feel better…I usually feel worse.

So, during this month of getting healthy, I’m going to start listening to my body’s signals and feed my body with healthy food.  I’ll feed my emotions with something else like exercise, sleep, writing, crying, work, serving…all of which contain 0 calories, 0 fat, 0 pesticides, 0 meat, 0 dairy, 0 gluten, 0 anything bad for my body, and 100% love.




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