3 Reasons I LOVE--Spoonflower

Image by Domesticate at Spoonflower

Are you familiar with Spoonflower?  It is not an exaggeration to say that I have a new obsession and a new love!  Spoonflower is a website where you can custom design your own fabric.  Super easy and fun…I had a lovely fabric designed in less than 5 minutes. 

Graphic Changes by The Change Lady

3 Things I Love About Spoonflower

1.  Design your own fabric…fun, easy, and endless possibilities!

2.  Buy fabric by other Spoonflower designers…so many unique choices!

3.  Design and sell your own fabric on Spoonflower…a forum for budding designers!

Does it get any better…really?  If so, please let me know where.

Here are a few of my favorite designs from Spoonflower: 

Southwest Shrubs by Holli Zollinger

Freeform Arrows by Domesticate

Forsythia by Gollybard

Freestyle in Black by Domesticate

Ikat by Patti Slollinger

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