Get Healthy with Good Posture


An simple way to get healthy…improve your posture.

I have spent the last few years with constant sciatic nerve pain.  It started with a short flight from Utah to Arizona.  There was a wall directly in front of my seat so I wasn’t allowed to place any luggage on the floor in front of me.  My 5’3” frame is slightly too small to sit comfortably on a plane seat without resting my feet on my bag in front of me.  The angle pulls on my back a bit.  I have the same problem in church.

By the time the plane landed in Arizona, I was in terrible pain and quite concerned about what might be wrong.  Joe and I were headed to Mexico, and I was afraid to continue on if something was seriously injured.  So, I made a phone call to my trusty nurse friend who gave me some direction and reassurance, then Joe and I volunteered to be bumped to a later flight (hooray for free plane tickets). After a few hours of laying down, my pain improved enough for us to continue our vacation, but I have had problems with my sciatic nerve ever since. 

One thing I finally realized in the midst of rehabilitation and healing is that my posture is less than perfect.  In fact, my posture is probably at the root of the matter.  When I sit, I tend to push my pelvis forward, severely arching my back.   I only realized this several months ago, but I suspect I have been doing it for years.  Now that I’m aware, I really focus on tucking my pelvis under, and it makes a big difference in my pain level.  It also helps me sit straighter, and it definitely strengthens my core muscles, which means a flatter belly and a stronger back.

Posture is an important component of good health.  Read this infographic and see if improving your own posture will help you to get healthy.


Infographic at Words to Sweat By

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