Celebrate Change--Le Diner en Blanc


When I read about Le Diner en Blanc on Jordan's Blog, I knew I had to be a part of it! Of course I live in Utah, and Utah is not even remotely close to France, so I knew I would have to improvise a bit. So I did…and I hosted my own Diner en Blanc.

First, I picked a date close to Midsummer’s Eve, to celebrate the change from Spring to Summer. Then I made and delivered handmade invitations and monogrammed napkins that I placed inside a wicker basket.

Next, I had to find a great place to have the party, and I knew the perfect spot. About 2 miles from my home is the most incredibly gorgeous spot you can imagine. Gary and Janet Fawson own 180 acres in that they have turned into an oasis in the middle of the desert. There are ponds and pastures and trees and flowers with grassy paths winding through them. Read more about their incredible garden here. Gary and Janet not only have an amazing garden, but they are amazing people, and very graciously consented to let me use their space for my little party.

The final step was making a few little decorations, a refreshing drink, and a yummy and beautiful dessert and gathering things like flowers, china, crystal, white table coverings, vases and lots of candles. Setting up was a little hairy because the wind was blowing like crazy, but it finally settled down and the evening was quite lovely.

The guests arrived dressed in white and carrying their baskets full of yummy picnic food. We gathered around the table for good food and good conversation in a lovely and beautiful setting. It was quite magical. Just as we were getting ready to light sparklers, like they do at the French Diner en Blanc, the wind picked up again so we saved those for another time.

This is one of the simplest parties I’ve ever hosted…and it is definitely one of my favorite. The setting was so beautiful that I only added a few decorations to make it festive, and because everyone brought their own picnic, I could concentrate on the drinks and dessert…and they were quite simple as well. Here are a few photos and here are a few details:








Looks fun n’est ce pas? A fun detail…Janet Fawson is the aunt to Jordan and her sister Gabrielle. How perfect is that!


  1. What a wonderful dinner party! It looks like everything turned out beautifully. How fun that you know Aunt Janet and Uncle Gary — two of the best people in the world!

  2. I love those candle holders! Where did you get them?

  3. jenny of templestoweJuly 12, 2011 at 7:29 PM

    after reading about 'le diner en blanc' on the new york times website then looking at Google images, you photo is the one that stood out for me.so pretty and simple that i like the idea that much that christmas dinner will be an all white affair, i must also tell that i am an Australian therefore my xmas is in summer.if its a cool day it will be outside{when i say cool i mean 77-86f, over 86f inside with aircon.

  4. Thanks for the nice comments...for anonymous, the candle lanterns are from Ikea and I use them constantly! For Jenny, I LOVE the idea of a white Christmas dinner, please send pictures!