Life Changes—A Wedding

Daughter One, Courtnee, and her husband, Geoff, just celebrated their one year anniversary of marriage.  I still can’t believe they are married…and that I have a son-in-law…and that I am a mother-in-law!  I have had to look in the mirror and tell myself that every day for the past year.  I still don’t believe it.  But she is married and she is so happy and Geoff is so happy and that makes Joe and I very happy. 

Even though it has been an entire year, Courtnee and I still like to talk about her wedding.  I think we still are amazed that we pulled off the reception.  So many things were perfect…and some things were not.  But we learned a few things along the way, and we even learned that we like to plan weddings.  At some point this summer, each of my other three daughters have mentioned that they miss planning the wedding (that is amazing after all of the complaining last summer!).  Sometimes, I secretly miss it, too.

In order to alleviate some of the wedding nostalgia, I thought I might share a few highlights and photos.  Some of the best moments were…

-the temple sealing in the Draper Utah Temple, officiated by Courtnee’s grandpa…my Dad!
-time with family and friends and making new friends with Geoff’s family.
-neighbors and friends that are truly angels and helped with so many things!
-finding the perfect wedding dress at Alysse's Bridal, the only one left so HUGE discount and perfect size.
-finding the perfect ring, designed by Geoff and made by John Beesley…he made Joe’s and my ring when we got married, too!
-finding the perfect cupcakes at The Cocoa Bean Cupcake Café.
-spending time together watching Say Yes to the Dress while making centerpieces and addressing wedding invitations.
-watching little sisters do so much to help for their big sister’s wedding…deliver invitations, fold paper cranes, make 450 popsicles (twice), endless driving and errands and decorating and cleaning, limitless patience and cooperation.
-super fun photography sessions.
-thinking outside the box…turn an outdoor pavilion into a tent, serve homemade popsicles outside in July, grow our own grass for centerpieces, picnic supper, on-line orchids (so amazing),  DIY everything!
-mani-pedis in between frantic decorating sessions.
-perfect weather for the perfect day.
-a very happy bride and groom.

Some of the not-so-great moments…

-coming home from vacation 6 days before the wedding to a lot of hurtful things including vandalism to our house and no electricity…all 450 homemade popsicles melted, the grass centerpieces were moldy, the hardwood floor was warped.
-me falling off of Geoff’s horse 5 days before the wedding…broken nose and many scrapes, cuts, and bruises.  Thank goodness for Photoshop and for the horse going down in a shrub and not on the road!
-Courtnee home for a month sick with mono and strep throat.
-the dreaded Grantsville wind and Utah monsoon seasons interfering with our decorating.
-the awful tables and chairs that we rented.

There was obviously a lot more great moments, and the not-so-great moments have become funny things that made their wedding unique.  Besides, what really mattered was that Courtnee and Geoff felt like it was perfect…so we did, too.  Following are a LOT of photos…please enjoy at your leisure.

Happy wedding…happy day…happy life!

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