Mini Moment—via Imgur

Mini Moments are hard to come by in the summer…kids everywhere, including one in our bedroom every night because I let her watch a scary movie when we were at the cabin.  It is hard to have any kind of a moment when there are about 32 children around at all hours of the day and night.  We also have 42, now 40, baby turkeys down the road so we are basically inundated with all kinds of kids right now.  That’s okay, we love them all, even the turkeys.

Here are the latest Mini Moments via Imgur.






Joe emailed me all of the lovely photos, and I sent him a very romantic note back:

Thanks for the picture...I put it on my blog today.  Look at it if you get a chance...there is a good quote at the end and here is the the link to the talk.

Love you,


Our Mini Moments really need some upgrades…good thing our anniversary is in a few weeks!

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