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There is never enough time!  I am currently in the “almost finished” stage of about 5 projects that I want to blog about…none of which include cleaning the house, paying the bills, or working on the yard.  I am also currently freezing as I have spent the last two hours at the computer with the air conditioner and ceiling fan blowing on me and it is time to check the turkeys again.  Also, I promised to make Joe lemonade cookies today and I think I forgot to fix lunch.

Despite all of that, I did manage to get in some Pinterest time today and here are a few of my latest picks:

date night from tiny white daisies


a current project from Ruffled Sunshine


someday from lalole blog


There are lots more additions on my Love Board and my Private Moment Board.  I am saving most of these images for something that I’m over the top excited about!  I will share soon.

Hope your day is full of completed projects…I’m hoping mine might be, too!

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