The Weekend Changes


I had a lovely weekend planned and I was so excited for a day of shopping with Joe and a night in the big city.  Instead, I’m headed to the endodontist again for more emergency work.  That is all I’m going to say about that…I’ve complained enough!

I hope your weekend is full of lovely plans that do not change…who said change was a good thing anyway?  I’m not sure, but here are some good changes I'm excited to share:

-Folded money.
-Welcome Home Banners at an Airport Kiosk.
-10 Glass Ornament Tutorials.
-Vintage Scarf Pillow.
-Congrats to the Rockstar Diaries Family.
-Halle and I have been making these mugs…easy and so stylish!
-Mom and Dad Inspiration here and here.

And here a few changes you might have missed: 

-The Fight.
-My Messy Life.
-Jolly Rancher Ornaments and Sparkly Spheres.
-Handmade Christmas

Have a very, merry weekend!

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