2012 Changes—Hello Sunshine!

Image by Camilla Engman

I’m so excited to be heading south this weekend for a few days in sunny St. George to visit Joe’s parents.  We have lots of outdoor activities planned…swimming, golfing, hiking.  We usually spend the weekend of President’s Day there because the girls get some time off school, it is right around my mother-in-law’s birthday, and we desperately need to soak up some sun!

Several years ago I was really struggling with the winter blues and I called my mother-in-law to cry for awhile.  She suggested I just get in the car and come down for a few days, without Joe, without my girls…all alone.  I had never done anything like that before, especially so spur of the moment, but I was in the car and on my way within an hour.  It was a wonderful few days of sleeping, reading, watching tv, talking, and lots and lots of sunshine.  I felt so much better when I came back.

Sunshine and time outdoors is definitely at the top of my list of what makes me happy!

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February--Be Happy

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