2012 Changes—The Happiness Project


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February--Be Happy


Are you familiar with Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project?  I wasn’t until just recently, but I have become a real fan.  I’ve signed up for the newsletter, started my own toolbox, and am dedicating some time each day to working on my own Happiness Project.  A couple of weeks ago I was soaking up the atmosphere in Anthropologie and I picked up a copy of the book to browse through.  Now, it is at the top of my list of books to buy.

The Happiness Project is all about changing your life…this is what Gretchen says about that:

A “happiness project” is an approach to changing your life. First is the preparation stage, when you identify what brings you joy, satisfaction, and engagement, and also what brings you guilt, anger, boredom, and remorse. Second is the making of resolutions, when you identify the concrete actions that will boost your happiness. Then comes the interesting part: keeping your resolutions.

I think many of us don’t take the time to ask, “What really makes me happy?”  Ask yourself right now, and see how long it takes you to come up with an answer.  If it takes longer than you think it should, than the Happiness Project is for you, too.  Take some time to learn about her website and see if it is something that will work for you…something that will help you to be happy.

I think we could all do with a big dose of happiness this month.  As I’ve reviewed most of my posts on 2012 changes for February, I’ve realized that instead of focusing on healthy changes, I’ve really been writing about happy changes.  It has evolved so naturally, that it feels right to make a change.  So this month’s focus is changing from “get healthy” to “be happy.”  I hope you’ll forgive me, and enjoy some time making happy changes for the rest of this month.

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