Design Changes—DIY Confetti Wall Art


My favorite part of Halle's bedroom redo is all of the fun DIY projects.  They add such a unique and personal touch to her room.  They were simple, inexpensive, and easy enough that we could do some of them together.  First up: 

Confetti Wall Art

So simple, I’m not sure it is even worth explaining, but I do have a few little tips.  Also, my DIY projects usually follow this pattern:  I find an inspiration piece then change it to fit with my design, budget, supplies.

Inspiration Piece

My Change


*old frame
*art canvas that fits in frame
*mod podge
*sponge brush
*metallic circle confetti, comes in a variety of colors…I found these at a party supply store
Total Cost = under $5


1.  Plan your design.  I wanted to do a bit of an ombre effect, but I knew that some of Halle’s treasures would be sitting on the shelf at the bottom of the frame and they would cover the majority of the confetti.  So, I simply flipped the ombre effect.  Love how it turned out!

2.  Create.  Using your sponge brush, lightly brush mod podge onto the entire canvas. Then simply sprinkle the confetti where you want it.  I started at the top with a heavier amount of confetti, and then decreased the amount as I moved my way down.

*If you are using glossy mod podge, make sure you cover the entire surface of the canvas.  I missed a few spots and you can see the difference in the textures, but they were small so I didn’t worry about fixing them.

3.  Enjoy.  Let the canvas dry, hang inside your frame (don’t be worried if you lose a bit of confetti in the hanging process), and admire your handiwork.

*My canvas is not actually attached to the frame…I hung each one separately.




  1. I absolutely LOVE your version of this confetti art. I am so glad my project inspired you!!!!


    1. Thanks really was inspiring! I loved the different textures you used.