Design Changes—DIY String Art Panels


Another DIY from Halle's bedroom redo…string art panels.  When I started planning Halle’s bedroom , she gave me a lot of input about what she wanted…black and orange were her color choices.  After some negotiating and lots of Pinterest views, we settled on something a bit less Halloween-like.  I realized the best strategy was for me to pick a few things that I could live with, and then let her choose from them.  When it came to art above her bed, string art was her number one choice.  So we found an inspiration piece and then changed it a bit.  She picked the string colors for each letter…they were exactly what I would have chosen.  Awesome!

DIY String Art Wall Panels

Here are the instructions I used and my inspiration piece: 

Inspiration and Instructions

My Change


*cabinet doors…one for each letter
*paint & brush
*pattern for letters…as Jen directs, make sure the font you choose is straight with no serifs

*colored string…I used embroidery floss

Total Cost = $25 for cabinet doors (I had everything else at home)


1.  Sand and paint cabinet doors.  I was a bit hesitant to put so many nail holes in Halle’s freshly painted wall, so I decided to create wall panels instead, using cabinet doors that I picked up at ReStore for $5.  After a good sanding, and two coats of white paint, they were ready for the nails and string.

2.  Add letters to cabinet doors.  Make letter patterns on your computer and center them on cabinet doors with a bit of painter’s tape…make sure you center them both vertically and horizontally.

3.  Add nails. Hammer a nail into the corners of each letter, leaving 3/4” poking out. Then carefully tear the paper away so that you don’t rip the nails out.   Ironically, the nails I used were too long and too fat so they came out of the back of the cabinet doors and split the wood.  I ended up nailing the cabinet doors to the wall after all, but I still like the framed look that the doors provide so I’m happy with that choice.

4.  Add string.  I followed Jen's directions for adding the string, and actually Halle did most of the work herself. 

Now step back and admire your handiwork, and don’t even give those many nail holes a thought…spackle is your friend.


*Just a thought.  If you have children who are still at the jumping on the bed stage, this would not be the best project to place above their bed…above a dresser or closet would probably be a lot safer.  Halle was even a bit nervous the first night she slept with her string art above her bed.  Now she thinks it is the coolest thing ever!

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