2012 Changes—The Happiness Commandments

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February--Be Happy

The month is over, and it is time to wrap up February’s Change, Be Happy.  One of my main goals for this change was to discover what really makes me happy, and then to live my life accordingly.  In the process, I’ve realized that I have been living in a constant battle between what really makes me happy and what I think should make me happy.  My heart has been telling me all along what happiness means to me, but a dark voice in my head keeps trying to steer me in another direction.  NO MORE!

I’ve decided to embrace what makes me happy, without fear or loathing.  It hasn’t been an easy process because it has involved a lot of self-evaluation and acceptance, but I feel more at peace now than I have for a long time…maybe ever.

The most important tool in my happiness project has been establishing My Personal Commandments for Happiness.  I was worried about the amount of time this project might take, but because I’ve been thinking about it all month, pinning things here and here, and really been on a happiness quest for most of my life, I was able to manage it in a couple of hours.  It will take me a few more hours to write about it, but I consider this some of the best time I’ve ever spent.  I feel lighter, more free, and somehow more loved.

I’ll be posting my own happiness commandments throughout the day.  I hope they give you some ideas, but remember one of the best things about happiness commandments is they are your own, so make them that way. No matter what you are doing today, take some time to think about being happy.  Really listen to where your heart is leading you…and don’t be afraid to follow.



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