Happiness Commandment#1—Live With Faith

J.K. Rowling loved too fondlylook again
...She adjusted her sails

*I think I’ve mentioned before that I am a very visual person.  It is how I experience life.  So while I was working on My Happiness Commandments, I used a lot of typography to get focused.  It was one way for me to recognize what truly resonates with me.

Happiness Commandment #1—Live with Faith

I live a lot of my life in fear…mostly fear of the unknown or the “what ifs.”  It doesn’t necessarily keep me from living life, or even trying new things because I’m pretty adventurous, but it does cause me a lot of anxiety and too much energy.  I believe my greatest fear is the fear of failure and sometimes that fear keeps me from getting started or completing something.  I’m afraid to not be perfect…and guess what, I never am.  I’ve had to accept that fact.  And it is a relief. 

So, I’m moving forward with faith…

*Faith in God's Plan of Happiness for me, because he loves me.
*Faith that I will make lots of mistakes, and be stronger because of it.
*Faith that each day is a clean slate.
*Faith that I am loved, imperfections and all.
*Faith in my abilities, my strength, my choices, my progress, my life.




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