The Essence of Spring

Image at Dwell Studio

Isn’t this photo the essence of Spring…pink and yellow, flowers and leaves, and a baby?  I want it all…the baby on temporary loan only!  I especially love the yellow elephant.  Some days I miss cribs and story time and yellow elephants and babies.  Anyone have a baby they want to lend out, or a nursery I could decorate?  I need my baby fix, and this guy just isn’t the real deal.

Image from Dwell Studio

More essence of Spring…birds, a lamb, and a striped pink bunny.  I’m pretty sure I need that bird puzzle on my coffee table.

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  1. If we ever get a house you can come decorate our nursery and I will lend you my baby for a few days when you come! I've really enjoyed some of your recent posts and plan to post comments on them soon.